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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(Un)Dead Presidents

UPDATED - Yeah, I put the name Franklin D. Roosevelt there before. No idea why I did that, I know the freakin' difference between Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt. Thank you Craig for calling me on it.

Originally someone suggested I do Jefferson Davis for this theme which was a unique idea but I wasn't totally convinced. Of course, once the idea of UNdead presidents popped into my head... well that was that. The zombified bunch includes George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and good old Grover Cleveland. And of course there's tough-talking, zombie-smashing Theodore Roosevelt (not Franklin Roosevelt, the WWII president as I had erroneously put before. Gah, whatta maroon) down there in the corner 'cause really, if there was going to be a zombie hunting president it probably woulda been him right? Bully!


  1. You, uh, do know that's Teddy not Franklin, right?

    At any right, cool idea and cool execution... get it, execution - killing zombies?? ; )

  2. Gah! I'm an idiot! Of course it's Teddy! Aw man. :(

  3. Don't feel bad, the piece is too cool to sweat a mistake now that it's fixed!