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Monday, April 5, 2010

Dead Presidents-Jackson

I know, I know, WEIRD transition from Crow to Dead Presidents...but hey, it's all good...right?

Anyway, I love drawing Presidents...I'm not a history buff...AT ALL, but in my opinion, presidents are the new pirate, or ninja. They're fun to put in outlandish situations. So I sat down this morning looking at my sheet of all the Presidents, and I thought, who has the rocking-est hair? My choice was Andrew Jackson, the man had an amazing quaff of hair in that bouffant hairstyle. I wanted him to have that Bond/man of action air to him!

So this morning I did this so that I could start things off with a bang!


  1. fun fact:
    Andrew Jackson VEHEMENTLY opposed printing paper money. So of course after he died they put him on the $20 bill...