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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Check out some Sci-fi goodness: Peacekeeper by Erik Reeves

If you're not familiar with his work, Erik Reeves is an example of a largely unknown cartoonist whose stock is rising in the comics world. Besides being a go-to guy in the design world, Erik is carving out a niche in the Dallas comics scene with his self-published sci-fi-action comic, Peacekeeper: Old World Order. I snatched the preview below from the jaws of Indyplanet, where the first issue is on sale now.
Here's the Sales Pitch
Dr. Kerry Deltas a beautiful but dedicated bio-engineer descovers that her employer has plans to use the technology she has worked so hard to develop for other sinister ideas. Will this be the end of the civilized world she knows, or the beginning of an entirely different one?

When an evil plot to destroy mankind is revealed before the Main Source council, the beautiful Dr. Kerry Deltas- responsible for the development of the last Peacekeeper war-body and Nathan Spiers- an honorably devoted soldier destined to restore the righteous order, find them selves bound together in an epic adventure that will begin their personal quests for love and the galaxies ultimate battle for peace.

Like every artist out there, Erik is always adding to and developing his art steez, but I enjoyed the Kiryesque architecture and machinery in this segment. I also appreciate it that he's creating a science fiction story starring people of color. He is currently working on issue #2, but you can cop Peacekeeper: Old World Order #1 on Indyplanet. just click here
"Remember," Erik said in the recent email newsletter:  "All orders help support our continued production of our titles."
To keep up with all the stuff Erik is working on, peep his blog.

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