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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DFW Cartoonist writes a great article on how to get new readers

A lot of lipservice is paid to "Gaining new readers" but I'm convinced that the major publishers don't really care about growing the overall readership. The majors mostly seem like they just want to take people who are spending more than they can afford on comics and convince them to spend a little more. And they are pretty good at it. But now that they have snagged the low-hanging fruit, let's try some actual marketing...
Marketing is a hobby of mine. I feel fairly confident in saying there is no marketing to speak of in the comics industry. Well, there is marketing to current readers, but not to new readers (or even lapsed readers). Right now, a large number of the general public doesn't even know that comics exist. I meet people and talk to co-workers all the time that are convinced that comics are not printed anymore until I show them a new one. Then there are people who insist that comics are not "for them" even though there are comics on just about every subject, for every audience. Marketing is important because it is the way you find out that you need or want something. The first step to reaching new readers is to let them know you exist! The good news is there is a lot of opportunity out there, and one of our local DFW area cats Vinh-Luan Luu of the mighty Space-Gun Studios crew has figured it out for you. Click here to learn something about gaining new  readers!

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