This week's sketch theme is....

Saturday, August 27, 2011

This week's Sketch theme...

In honor of the fact that local tracer inker John Lucas is working on one of the Spider Island books (where people all over Manhattan end up with Spider-man's powers), The Sketch theme this week (and until I get tired of it) is Spider Island-DFW (I know, DFW isn't an island... it's just a sketch topic, jeez...). So the idea is to draw DFW-based Spider-man art... c'mon, it'll be fun! Well, it will for me. I looooove Spidey (even though I'm not reading his books right now). I posted this old pic of a Spidey convention sketch I did long ago just so this post would have a picture, but I'll submit a REAL Spider-Island DFW piece later in the week!
So anyways, if you need ideas, learn what the Spider-Island thing is about on Marvel's website, then just pretend it's in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, etc and draw something sweet!
Fans can also submit pieces on Twitter, just use the hashtag #metrosketchual and I'll repost 'em here!


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