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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Put January 22nd on Your Calendars...

The fine folks of Comicpalooza are coordinating a NATIONWIDE live art benefit to take place January 22, 2011. Cities all over the country (including Dallas) will hold live events that will feature artists you can watch creating art, then bid on their works in an auction and take the art home!
Proceeds from the art sales will go to benefit the Hero Initiative (, a charity whose mission is to provide financial or medical assistance to the comic creators who gave us their stories, their labor, and their love but all too often ended up without pensions, royalties, or insurance. This is a serious problem for artists who created work in the golden and silver ages of comics, before creators had fair work contracts. Writers and artists who created the characters you cherish are now in their latter years and facing poverty.

"Comicpalooza reached out to artlovemagic because of our ties to the local art community and asked us to be involved." says Mike Lagocki, ArtLoveMagic founding partner and local comic book artist "We reached out to a number of friends including Arnetic to hold the event, ROB VICTUM to provide live DJs, and an array of local artists to create live comic book related masterpieces."

Live artists include
James O'Barr (the Crow)
Samax Amen (, GhettoManga Quarterly)
Khalid Robertson (Champion of Children)
David Rodriguez (renowned Dallas painter)
Jerod Alexander (graffiti artist)
Isaac Davies (graffiti artist)
Bob Luedke (Eye Witness)
Michael Lagocki (ghostwerks, artlovemagic)
Trayce Cochran (street artist)
Lawrence Alexander (painter)
(there's still room for artists to participate! for info, contact Michael[at] asap!)
Come be a part of a special night that benefits the people who created the characters that shaped our lives. Incredible music, mind blowing live art, and rare comic collectibles for sale to benefit the charity.

2826 Arnetic
2826 Elm Street
Dallas, TX
18 and up.
Only 3 bucks to get in.

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