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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's like "The Tick" meets "Cheech and Chong"...

I just noticed yesterday that there's new episodes of my boy Josh Boulet's action comedy smash The Green Reefer available FREE on the internet (for medicinal purposes of course), which will appeal to anyone who would like to read a comic best described as "The Tick meets Cheech & Chong" (who wouldn't).

 If you're not familiar with Josh, let me start off by telling you he's one of the coolest cats you'll ever meet, and (more importantly) he loves making comics. Besides producing his internationally-recognized (here's looking at YOU, Canada) stoner comic The Green Reefer, Josh has done work in lots of sweet arthouse comics, recently self-published a full-color 115 page werewolf/horror comic The Wrong Night in Texas (click here to read my review), and smashed the art on Amelia Chang Alters the Course of the Universe alongside fellow DFWers Michael Lagocki and Chris Garcia.
Anyways, to read The Green Reefer free via the miracle of the internet, click here.

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