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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shout Out to my man Ernie Hudson!

finally got this done... I copied the background and bartender from a comic I did last year, because that's how the eff I roll! you'll be happy to know that the story this came from (The World As You Know It: Permanent Residents) was about a hotel that's haunted by lots of ghosts... so this pic is actually in continuity! anyways, I knew I wanted to draw Ernie's character shouting that line from the movie, because I think it's hilarious... I spent the last week thinking of funny situations for him to say it (at church, on the bus, at an elementary school career day, etc) but this one was within my immediate reach, and it was getting late...
hope y'all like it!


  1. thanks... I cracked myself up while I was drawing it...

  2. Nice! I would so love to see a whole series of drawings with Winston belting that out in different places.

  3. Paul... it's pretty likely to happen... you guys have NO idea how funny this is to me...

  4. You should change the emphasis: "I HAVE seen shit that will turn you white!", "I have seen shit that will turn YOU white!" "I have SEEN shit that will turn you white!"