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Friday, June 4, 2010


For my theme for Metrosketchual I submitted Heroes for Hire (yes, I grew up a total Marvel D-list zombie), so I drew the Immortal Iron Fist... in addition to being a leaner, meaner Chuck Norris, good ole Danny Rand was imbued with the power to focus his chi into his fist making it "like a thing of Iron"... which means you can get a sound thrashing no matter who you are, money! I first came into contact with Danny as the not-Luke Cage half of Power Man and Iron Fist back in my childhood. It was one of the gajillion books drawn by John Byrne back in the day when he was my first favorite artist...
anyways, that's enough of my rambling for now...


  1. I swear, just yesterday I was thinking to myself how I would like to write an Old School style Power Man & Iron Fist series. A "Rush Hour" style action book, not overly complex with heavy subplots or anything. Just two best buds who travel the world, punching bad guys and picking up chicks together, having a good time.

    Anyway, awesome sketch!

  2. sounds AWESOME! I think there will always be a place for stuff like that JR!

  3. Easily one of my favorite pieces from you Samax!

  4. Thanks Evan! Thanks a lot...