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Monday, December 5, 2011

(p)REVIEW: "God Of Rock" by Paul Milligan

Rock is dead! Or is it? Not if the God of Rock, fresh out of retirement, has anything to say about it. With his trusty ax, his best girl and a few surprising allies on his side, the God of Rock must take on the forces of Anti-Rock and make the world safe once again for Rock, Rebellion and all that other stuff your parents really, really hate.
This God of Rock collection spans over three arcs, each one created on one 24-Hour Comic Day.

Milligan is a polite, bearded, burlyman and very easy to like. He has a fun, consistent drawing style that he can produce quickly and (apparently) with very little sleep. I originally bought God of Rock just to be supportive of a cool local guy, but I must say that God of Rock is oozing with raw talent and humor! As the sales blurb suggests, this 80 page book was written and drawn off the top of the head in three chapters on three subsequent weeks. Not satisfied to participate in the annual 24 Hour Comic Day event (get familiar via the magic of der Wikipedia), Milligan conceived and executed this imperfect but ultimately entertaining tale of Rock gone wrong! You can actually read the comic free, at the Space-Gun Studios site where he's rolling it out as a webcomic and since the banner's calling it a 96 hour comic, I guess he added to it this year! The original 72 hours of Rock is currently in print, and you can order a copy on IndyPlanet!

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